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Criterion Global is the leading independent, international media buying consultancy.
We are the international media buying consultancy of choice for top global brands + holding companies. Criterion Global brings to its clientele the strategy, tactics + organization to effectively advertise in an international media marketplace.
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— Reinventing your business model
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01 Our Practice
Purpose-built insight Strategic program planning combined with precision marketing & media give us a clear guide to roadmapping and emerging development.
Active Marketing
These days, people are busy, distracted – and skeptical of advertising. So as a marketer, how do you break through the noise and reach customers in a way that’s fresh, entertaining and highly engaging? Insight and ideas matter more than ever, but a new type of marketing is required to win.

We call it Active Marketing.
Experience Innovation
The average person can do more with her phone in an hour than her parents could do in a week using the world’s fastest computer. The web provides instant access to information, but that volume of choice and ease of access breeds a paralyzing complexity. In order to thrive in this world, brands have to simplify the experience and create value at every single touch point.
Intelligent Platforms
Reacting to buyers in real time may be good enough today. But in the future, marketers will need deep insights and advanced algorithms to help solve problems before their customers are even aware of them. And while a platform implementation may be a good first step, to compete in the 21st century, you’ll need a level of intelligence that predicts customer needs with laser-beam precision.
03 Featured Case Study
Reinventing your business model by driving sustainable differentiation and growth. Recognizing opportunities for business model innovation.
11%Strategy 11%
13%Development 13%
14%Creative 14%
7%Investments 7%
16%Performance 16%
Our Approach Criterion Global creates the strategies to market effectively in an international marketplace. We never underestimate the power of global knowledge and local values in making the world a complex and fascinating place.

For centuries, business advantage has been created by the ability to fulfill needs faster than one’s competitors. But soon, marketing strategies driven by rapid response—even real-time response—won’t be good enough. Contact us to learn how we can expand your brands’ horizons
A Marketing Evolution
Welcome to the world of clairvoyant marketing, where soon, brands won’t wait even a microsecond for buyers to raise their hands. In this new, connected economy, customer-obsessed brands won’t be battling it out in the competitive landscape—they’ll be avoiding it altogether.

Criterion Global explores how and why the real-time marketer is naturally evolving to the clairvoyant marketer, by highlighting:

• The rise and quick fall of real-time marketing
• The emergence of clairvoyant marketing
The Trend
As the economy becomes increasingly connected, several emerging technologies are joining to create an entirely new definition of “customer experience.” Consider these not-too-far-in-the-future scenarios.

But now, “Solve my problem fast” is giving way to “Solve my problem before it ever even exists.”
04 Case Studies
On the dot
Luxury Swiss timepieces with a new look.
Parks and Rec
Tourism Marketing Campaigns for Public Municipality.
A Journey Like No Other
Belmond Global Launch Strategy.
Destination Marketing
Global Destination Marketing Organization Campaign...
On the Rails
Licensor of SCNF, the French National Rail Service...
Prevention is better than cure
Midstream Oil Supply and Maintenance Provider.
Travel & Trek
Aether Apparel - A Trend for Every Season...
The Best and Brightest
Global recruitment campaign for Multinational...
Positive Outlook
Therapeutic Focus Marketing for Healthcare firm with 8,000+ stores...
Made-to-Measure Media
Retailer specializing in fine ready-wear shirts & sportswear...
Smell of Success
Global Fragrance launch Distributed in inflight...
Do you Baidu?
Chinese SEO for #4 Globally ranked luxury brand.
Luxury extended stay hotels 11+ locations.
Calling All Whistleblowers
FCPA Recruitment Campaigns encourage...
05 News
Happy Chinese New Year from Criterion Global 17 FEBRUARY, 2017 | LUXURY MARKETING | 1226 新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year! To usher in the year of the chicken, we’re sharing a few factoids about the Chinese luxury market....
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Business Class Travel: Departing 2017 on Gilded Wings 10 DECEMBER, 2017 | TRAVEL | 337 It’s well known that the business elite are disproportionately heavy travel consumers...
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Criterion Global prides itself as a one-of-a-kind media agency with expertise and passion for the fields of our practice.
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