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    As the crypto market grows, so has the viewership of online adult entertainment – from OnlyFans to PornHub, the market has exploded over the past several years – creating a surge of income for online sex workers. Segs is a celebration of this industry, looking to give the consumer what they desire, all while giving back to a profession that has benefited so many across the globe.

    As the brand origins stem from a love of 80’s aesthetics mixed with a cyber-pop sex culture – a heightened visual reality bordering on the fantastical – POMADE looked towards everything from an idealized neon-drenched vintage age we could find. Sourcing old 1-900 ads, to researching early video game design, we developed a visual language for the brand that combined the feeling of late night phone sex commercials that were truly from a bygone era with a modern design sensibility and direction.

    Photography, design, branding, and development by POMADE.

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