DuoPower - fischer fixings

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The fischer DuoPower is an intelligent 2-component plug with three product functions. The intelligent universal plug is suitable for fixing in all building materials. This allows a variety of applications with just one plug. The fischer DuoPower adjusts itself automatically to the building material and transfers the highest loads through the three product functions of folding, expanding and knotting. The very good feedback from the plug when screwing the screw in generates extra security. The fischer DuoPower 6 x 50, 8 x 65 and 10 x 80, because of the larger anchorage depth, are particularly suitable for fixings in hollow building materials, aerated concrete and for bridge plaster.

Fischer Duopower Wall Plugs 8mm x 40mm 100 Pack - Screwfix

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fischer DuoPower 6 x 30

fischer DuoPower 6 x 30

fischer DuoPower 8 x 40 S with screw

DuoSeal- The sealing plug for wet areas.

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DuoPower - fischer international

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DuoPower - fischer fixings

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FISCHER 538250 DuoPower Wall Plug Fixing, 6 x 50 mm